Product placement has been in television and movies for a while now, so you may ask how is this current trend? Product placement is becoming stronger and more commonly used in television and movies today. Due to the advancements in television viewing. With the help of TiVo and DVR, people are having the ability to not only ignore commercial, or completely avoid them all together. This has caused advertisers to start thinking in a different way. To combat the lack of attention they are gaining from their commercials, advertisers have invested more time and money into product placement. Product placement by definition is “An advertising technique used by companies to subtly promote their products through a non-traditional advertising technique, usually through appearances in film, television, or other media,” According to Companies can promote with the use of their products as a prop, costume, décor or location.
Financially it seems smarter for advertisers to perform product placement. Especially in this slowing economy where advertisers are pulling back from investing in marketing, but still need to be noticed by consumers. A thirty second commercial spot may cost as much as $500,000 and if we keep breaking it down a fifteen second ad may cost around $250,000. But the cost of having a product exposure may be a little as $10,000 depending on the ad agency. This also works better because you product is intertwined within the show and cannot be skipped over or easily ignored. Another benefit to product placement in television is every time the show is repeated you get a free advertisement. When it comes from a consumers view point sometimes the things that are most visible are least view, and sometime the things that are most hidden are most visible.