· The method of having a consumer become familiar with new products by actually having them try the products out.
· Integrates goods and services into daily life in a relevant way having consumers make up their mind based on their experiences and not your message.
· One must find the most ideal audience, once this is found then the consumer can be persuaded when it actually gets its hand on the product.
· Works best in hotel, planes, cruise ships, buses, trains, and waiting lounges because of the captive audience
· Can be obvious like handing out samples in magazines or in the grocery store or it can be hotels partnering with luxury car makers to offer test drives to guests during their stay.
· Websites have also been giving out free samples in hopes that the recipients will disperse the product and tell their friends about it.
· In bars and restaurants a San Francisco based company VinoVenue, which combines the ideas of a wine tasting bar and a self dispensing machine. The machine has over one hundred wines from all over the world the machine dispenses a wine of your choice for a couple dollars. It all about trying before you buy.
· Companies are teaming up with cruise ships placing their products in the rooms so people will be away from their stuff and will have up to seven days to form a new habit with their product.
· iTunes allow a person to listen to a thirty second sample of the song before.
· Trojan gave out over 60,000 condoms to taxi drivers in Sussex. They were handed out in pairs to couples that looked as if they might need them later. The campaign was very successful and Trojan is planning on starting the campaign in other cities also.