Did you ever consider all the people you see in one single day? Or how many events you attend in one year that you see mass amounts of people at. Or let’s say you’re a vender at a major league ball park. Say you see about 15,000 people every home game and you have a big yellow McDonalds arch in the back of your shaved head. You’ve just promoted to millions of customers a year from a simple tattoo that’s so eye catching that people can’t help but gaze at. To me this trend is certainly humorous but for some its easy money and it may be catching on.

When companies want a good bodyvertiser they look for people who fit certain criteria’s. Age is based upon, is the candidate relatively young and is there appearance decent? Sexes, weather your male or female, location (globally), and specific events you might be attending all come into play when an advertiser picks their person.
Bodyvertising is viewed in two different ways since it’s become a trend recently. One way society is scrutinizing on this trend is that some say it’s completely unethical and very pitiful way to advertising something. Some believe it’s not a good idea to tattoo something on your body for the rest of your life for some company who may not be in business next year. Some are taking advantage of this easy money and taking the short pain while in the chair getting a companies ad, or big promotion somewhere on their body. Some clients will decide to have their tattoo placed on their head, back, legs, and even eyebrows. This trend is certain not big by any means here in the US, but with the slumping economy, you might start seeing more and more younger kids getting some ink and getting lured in to this new advertising technique.

According to Lease Your Bodyvertising is a new way of advertising that allows advertisers to place company logos via temporary tattoos. Participants can place their profiles on their site and get paid by advertisers when they are selected to wear the tattoo. This site is one of the few sites on the internet that will allow you to set up an actual profile so they can view you and you can begin to discuss what your going to get tattoo and where it will be located on your body. After you create a profile for them via internet you have a good chance of getting a called soon, there is a need for bodyvertisers. The companies will then contact Lease Your and pick their candidates after viewing the created profiles. Lease Your Body then will contact you and let you know that a company is interested in you wearing their advertisement. Once you give them the ok, they simply set up everything.