Despite recent taboo's, tattooing has seen a raise in popularity among many different cultures. The word tattoo derived from the tahitian word "tatu" which means to mark something. Tattooing has been link to many different societies and has been around since the ice ages according to recent discoveries. "The Ice Man" who was recently discovered has been found with tattoos all over his body. This is the latest discovery leading many to believe that tattooing has been around for over 5,000 years.

Today, tattooing is a popular trend among many people. It is so popular, in fact, it is now being used a marketing trend known as "Bodvertising," "Tattoo Advertising," or also known as "Selling the Skin." This trend is where the human flesh becomes a canvas or a billboard for advertisers to put a logo, message, or a design to promote a business, event, web page, etc. etc. for a disclosed amount of cash. People become willing to brand just about any part of their body for the right price. This trend is becoming popular among athletes, models, and just about anyone.

Many companies have adopted this new marketing method because of the popularity of tattoos. The first permanent tattoo was displayed for a princely sum of $7,000 on the back of a man’s head by a web hosting service in 2003. A couple of years later, Andrew Fischer gained worldwide notoriety for auctioning his forehead space on eBay for temporary tattoo advertising with the final bid coming in at $37,375 for thirty days’ worth. Since then, tattoo advertising has almost become a mainstream activity with many well known brands deciding that this was a good use of their advertising dollar. So much so, in fact, that the news began to report that there were more people selling parts of their body for advertising than there were buyers. It is still true, though that tattoo advertising is a viable way of making money, despite the fact that the fewer tattoos you have, the more money you are likely to be offered for the privilege.

For example, Kari smith decided to put her forehead up for bid on EBay to become a “walking billboard.”, an online casino and gambling site, offered her $10,000 to tattoo the website’s URL on the center of her forehead. She accepted and plans to use the money to send her only son to a private school. You can now register your willingness with an agency which matches potential advertising tattooists with the companies that want to rent their skin, websites such as, and Many people will only offer to have a temporary tattoo, but others are willing to go permanent. 50 % of the people who have had a work done have regretted their decision. I bet Kari is having regrets.