Geek Pride: Geek Pride is the attempt of Marketers to make advertisement campaigns that resonate with the trendy and new "Geek." It is good to be a "Geek" in this informational age!


Geek Marketing: Summary
Seminar In Marketing
May 5, 2009

“It’s good to be a geek, it’s good to go unseen, it’s good to watch the Wrath of Khan on a plasma screen” - Deaf Pedestrians. This is just a line from the song “Hail to the Geek” put out by the Deaf Pedestrians back in 2007. It just was an early sign from an alternative rock band on what was on the rise. The fact that there would be an ability to market by using the term “geek” and that there would be a whole new trend in marketing coined Geek Marketing by Stephen Rubel, who happens to be one of the most noted bloggers in the industry. In the following document what types of advertising companies are trying to use to get to this demographic, why this demographic is good to market to, what opportunities are out there for businesses to capitalize on, a new form of marketing called Geek Marketing and if this trend is here to stay or if it is just a geek fad.

The fact that businesses are targeted this demographic is not in question, at all. This demographic is one who stays home more often and is not the type that is out spending their hard earned money at the bars or out in the social scene. It is definitely one of the main reasons to target this demographic. This is one reason that the video game industry is blowing up, seeing increases of 19% over the last year. It is a way for people who are into gaming to spend money and stay entertained at home. This seems to be the more affordable alternative.

Another trend that is going on is that certain companies are using the word “geek” in their company name. This ranges from large geek-squad2.jpgcompanies such as the Geek Squad to a lot of smaller companies such as Geek Meet. The companies are always linked with computer technology but I think you could see this creep in to other markets in the near future. Some companies are also using the subject of “geeks” to market to that demographic. There have been effective ad campaigns as well as one specific advertisement that Apple put out there that ended with some controversy. You have to be very careful not to offend anyone while marketing to this demographic. It is easy to use this concept in a joking matter but it is also easy to cross the line.

The term Geek Marketing as coined by Stephen Rubel infers to the marketers out there who are advanced in technology and incorporate that holistically into what their businesses want. This is where social networking and blogs fit in to play.47NCAXZP1FPCAWJXVT7CA42KD1UCARVH0H2CAIEDNMXCAJ9JN2SCALJ11TZCAQP2OL3CAZ3FC59CAZB2FHGCAINMQMBCAWQ7YMDCAOYYE0NCAKJWCH6CARC95RHCAFVASS8CAAM7Q0SCAHI3GUACA5922KO.jpg It is interesting that you would think there would need to be a new profession developed from this but it makes sense. Marketers today are not considered Geek Marketers but it is beneficial to your company if you go out and obtain an employee that can fully understand the technological aspect of your business. You need an individual that can communicate with both ends of the spectrum, the technological players and the business players on the team. Stephen Rubel’s opinion on if Geek Marketing is going anywhere is a big “No!” As technology evolves so will the Geek Marketer.

In the end, I believe this trend is here to stay. It is something that will continue to evolve along with the technological industry. Technology continues to evolve at such a rapid pace to stay up with all of this you need to be informed and continue to keep on new trends. This is the epitome of the geek who is fully involved with his/her hobby or should we put it obsession.