Mobile marketing is something that is plainly described as advertising and marketing through a mobile device. There are many ways in which mobile marketing is used, such as advertising in games, QR codes, location-based services, text messaging news feeds, subscription newsletters, Smart phone applications, and mobile websites.
Many barriers exist in bringing this trend to become mainstream. Some think of it as intrusive because they are being advertised to even when they do not want to be. Still others think that it is hard to creatively design ads for use with mobile devices because of the small screen and limited graphics capability.
Even though there are a few barriers, many opportunities are on the horizon. For example, the trend is fairly new and can be used about however the company would want. Also, over 270 million mobile users exist in the United States along. It is the advertising medium that can actually reach it’s targets wherever they need to.
Overall, mobile marketing is a very popular new trend that could take off in the near future. Although it is very young still, many types of mobile marketing are widely used today. With the growing number of Smart phones, there will for sure be a growing number of mobile advertisement ideas popping up.