Mobile Marketing-Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing is a new trend that uses mobile phones as the advertising vehicle. There are mobile billboards now as well as twitter updates. Mobile marketing is gaining very popular in Europe and parts of Asia, but has been gaining steam in the United States. There are many ways and forms of mobile marketing, and there will be many more trends within mobile marketing.
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Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing in its most simple form is marketing using a mobile phone as the vehicle. There are many ways to do this such as sending messages offering deal or product updates, using barcodes that direct the customer to a company’s website, offing games that reflect a product, or ordering products through text messages. Mobile marketing is one of the newest trends in the marketing world so it is still uncharted territory. Companies are constantly coming out with new ways to market to customers via their mobile phone.
Mobile marketing has many positive features such as its ease of use, effectiveness, ability to target a specific market, penetration potential, personalization, immediacy, helps build customer data bases and the ability to be interactive. Mobile marketing also has some negative features though such as people being intolerant of being marketed to through their own mobile phone, character limits on cell phones, limited phones with internet access, FCC regulations, and the reach is low because consumption of mobile content is small (10% of subscribers). (
The success of mobile marketing relies heavily on the company’s return on investment. Right now most companies implementing mobile marketing campaigns are seeing a positive ROI from mobile marketing, but it is a new trend and only the future will tell whether it will become a mainstream way of marketing or a form of marketing that is not worth the money you put into it. In order to guarantee the success of mobile marketing companies need to continue developing new and innovative ways to market via cell phones. If consumers are over marketed to or messages are consistently delivered in the same format customers will become numb to it. They will look right past their new text message from the company and it will be lost forever.
On the other side though, a good mobile marketing campaign in conjunction with other forms of traditional and non-traditional media could help to create loyal customers. Loyal customers come with high lifetime values, so these are the people you want to keep happy. If you can make a customer feel special because you sent them a message updating them or informing them on products they may feel that you as a company really care about them. Personalization is key here because no one wants to be sold to. The want to be shown they way and then make the decision that they actually want or need the product that you are offering to them.
Mobile marketing is a new and exciting trend with lots of potential for growth. In the future we will be seeing a lot of mobile marketing campaigns that coincide with other marketing campaigns. Mobile marketing has the advantage of being new, so people are not tired of it yet. Customers are interested to see where this new trend will take them and, for the most part, are open to the change of marketing.

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