Multicultural Marketing!!!!!!!!!!

Multicultural Marketing Summary

· Multicultural marketing is defined as targeting and communicating to ethnic segments based on their own cultural framework.
· The United States continues to become more diverse, with African Americans, Asian, and Hispanic descent making up 25% of the population.
· Total minority buying power is estimated at $1.3 trillion or 18.5 percent of all U.S. buying power.
· Multicultural marketing is no longer about simply knowing the demographics of ethnic markets. Authentic connection is the key to establishing and maintaining relationships with multicultural consumers.
· 3 Basics to multicultural marketing
1. Conduct local background research for each market and for every language that you plan to target.
2. Never underestimate the importance of translation. (Make sure translations are done by an expert.)
3. Test, test, and test again (Make sure that you and your consumer are in sync.)