QR Codes... What is it?

QR Codes aka Quick Response Codes were discovered by a man named Denso-Wave in 1994 to originally keep inventory. QR Codes right now are mainly used in Japan. Denso-Wave made these codes to get a quick connection at high speed through mobile devices. The Japanese mobile phones such as the Razor V3, N95, and many others can go into their phone media and scan QR Codes into their phone to connect to the link in a rapid speed.
These 2-D barcodes are capable of holding a bit more information than other UPC Codes. These codes are quite common in Japan and are often seen on flyers and billboard ads. Mobile phone users can scan the code with their built-in camera and at once have all the contact info they need entered into their camera, put together correctly

These codes are quite durable, allowing up to 30% of the code to be hidden or removed by dirt, marks or damage and still be completely readable. They can be printed as a regular graphic by any printer, making them very flexible.
Five new ways QR Codes will uniquely come in handy for are the following (found on 5 Unique Uses):

1. Swag and Self Branding
2. Geo Based Reviews and Touring
3. Green Ticketing
4. Geek Chic Fashion
5. Secrets and Acts of Defiance
These new trends are coming in effect fast and strong into our generation and even though these codes are really only in Japan right now, I see them heading our way pretty soon.
Many hot and trendy companies have already started using the codes such as Takashi Murakami and Louis Vuitton. With these important brands using Quick Response Codes there’s no doubt in my mind that these 2-D barcodes won’t spread everywhere!