Sensory Marketing
By David A Sokolik

Sensory marketing is getting your point across using the five senses; scent, sound, sight, touch and taste. This allows for diverse ways to get into the consumers cognitive set and make a sale.

“Using scent is smart marketing. Of all the human senses, smell has the most direct pathway to the emotional center of the brain.” Scent has been used in everything from that “new car smell” to movie theaters pumping popcorn smell into the air to encourage concession sales.

Sound will get a person’s attention and stick in a consumer’s head, from phone numbers to slogans auditory sensations are a powerful marketing tool.
We all know the colors of Pepsi and Coke their brands are ingrained in our cultures. Companies spend billions to get their identities engrained in our minds. Graphic images can place thoughts into a persons mind inspiring a need for a snack or a desire imitate the top models visual marketing can inspire a craving and a need that did not exist before.

“The sense of touch is another powerful way to reinforce in the minds of your customers, employees and community residents exactly what your brand stands for, "What does our brand feel like ... to the touch?" Marketers are tapping into multisensory strategies that build brand equity into the sense of touch.”

Up till now most companies have to promote their products as samples in a grocery store limiting their exposure to a mass audience. Peal ‘n Taste strips are edible films imbued with the taste of your companies product and can be packaged in tamper evident promotional materials. It is an interesting way to get a hint of your brand to a mass market. Companies such as Campbell’s soup, Welch Foods, and Captain Morgan to name a few have used First Flavors Peel ’n Taste’s strips to promote their products.