Social networking is a web-based service, developed by individuals or organizations in which focus on a similar or particular interest; rather it be personal or business linking one to another.

Early 90’s is when the social networking era began to be a big hit, bringing people together to interact through chat rooms, and share personal information and ideas about any topic by personal homepage. In 2005, social networking became a component for businesses to use the internet as a strategy to market.
Facebook, MySpace, Linkedin, Friendster, and Youtube are just some of the top social networking sites. Most used by high school and college students. This trend is ever-changing and the age usage is also, more and the older age group is finding their ways to these social networking sites rather it be personal or business purposes. Social Networking is on a constant rise.
The trend is a new window and being found as a good use for businesses. Any form of marketing should begin with where your targets are. If your targets participate in online communities then social networking enables you to find them and interact in an informal but productive way. Social networking open profiles, business profiles for this matter in ways that are not possible with face-to-face networking. It is an opportunity to grow businesses, perhaps strengthen by finding potential recruits, informing about the business; such as, creating brand image, and being about to interact with the specific target market.
Social Networking has encouraged a new way for communication.