Sustainability simply means to work to make sure that a resource being used is able to be maintained at a certain level without being depleted; sustainability marketing means showing consumers how to meet today’s environmental, economic, and social needs without compromising the chance for future generations to meet their needs. The idea of sustainability came about almost 25 years ago; however, it has recently become one of the top three trends shaping the market today.
No matter what type of business it is or what type of medium they use most, they will depend on a flow of energy and materials. Businesses are becoming increasingly aware of the fragility of the resources they are depending on and many are making the commitment to environmental responsibility by adopting sustainability into their practices. When a business uses sustainable practices they can save money, eliminate hassle, avoid risk, stay in the market, improve competition, and reduce environmental impact.
This report will entail:

· Eight aspects to focus on to become totally sustainable
o Energy and water
o Buildings and grounds
o Food and drink
o Global dimensions
o Inclusion and participation
o Local wellbeing
o Purchasing and waste
o Travel and traffic

· How sustainability can be incorporated
o Electronic communication
o Recycle
o Alternative energy sources
o Hybrid cars
o Purchase recycled items such as paper
o Use high efficiency light bulbs

· Areas where sustainability is being used
o Urban- deals with problems regarding air/water pollution, traffic, energy, and sanitation in urban areas
o Aviation- use of sustainable bio-fuels to replace traditional kerosene or Jet-A fuel
o Building and construction- protect/retain existing natural features, recycle paving materials and furnishings, make use of natural light, thermally efficient exterior, dual plumbing that recycles water, and water conserving features
o Insurance- environmentally friendly facilities, reward customers for being environmentally conscious (discounts for having a hybrid vehicle)
o San Francisco- Carbon Offset program which funds energy efficient projects, solar-panel installation, and bio-diesel conversion program that supports the conversion of waste into fuel
o Carbon Neutral Company- consulting and carbon offsetting company working with corporate clients and individuals in order to help them reduce CO2 emmisions
o Events and festivals- Blue Ocean Events, Inc. in Oregon, Simply Green Events in Florida, and Green Living Expo in Florida

· Top global sustainable corporations in:
o United States
o France
o Germany
o United Kingdom

· Strengths
o Economic
o Social
o Environmental

· Weaknesses

· Opportunities

· Threats

· Interesting facts about sustainability

Sustainability is meeting the needs of present generations without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

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