Tryvertising essentially is taking product placement from fiction to reality, integrating those products into consumer’s life, allowing consumers to experience the products and brands for themselves, and allowing them to make their own buying decision based upon their experiences and interaction with the products and brands. Tryvertising is effective because it directly targets end users rather than have an influencer’s trial new products and brands and have the spread the world. Tryvertising comprises activities that are natural fit with consumers; resulting in much stronger brand awareness and retention from consumers than other media.

Tryvertising has been use in a plethora of different ways and business. One of the most prominent users of the tryvertising trend is high-end hotel companies. An example of tryvertising as a promotional tool for the Hotel industry would be the agreement between the Ritz Carlton Hotels and Mercedes Benz. Ritz Carlton Hotels offered a Mercedes Benz car for customers to use during the stay with the Ritz Carlton hotel. According to Ritz Carlton, dozens of guests decided to buy new Mercedes based on their integrated test-drives.

2004 Mercedes Benz SLR McLaren

The best known businesses that are currently using the tryvertising trend are the food and restaurants businesses. An example of the tryvertising trend being used is by Flavor First’s Peel ‘n Taste Flavor Strips. “First Flavor produces Peel ‘n Taste flavor strips, which are dissolvable and similar in format to the popular breath strips that are available on the market. They know that by allowing potential consumers to actually taste the products offered by food and drink producers, they have a better chance of capturing their target audience. While visual brand marketing certainly plays a role, that might only convince consumers to purchase the product for the first time; but if they do not like the taste, they would not be repeat customers. Not only do the First Flavor Peel ‘n Taste slips allow consumers to try the product prior to purchase, it is a marketing method that is effective in its innovation; it is stand out and memorable. (First Flavor Memorable)”


The unquestionable strength that the tryvertising trend has to offer is that it allows consumers to make their own buying decision base upon their experiences and interaction with the products and brands; rather than an external influencer influencing the consumers buying decision. A key weakness of the tryvertising trend is it inability or sometime lack of potential to have consumers try products and brands at the right time, in the right place (setting) and by the right target market. This could halt the effective of tryvertising. An opportunity on the horizon for the tryvertising trend is incorporating the internet into the tryvertising trend. This could greatly benefit marketers because of the potential the internet has to spread the information about the products and brands. A predictable threat is how marketers know how effective tryvertising is when it comes to affecting consumers buying decisions. Tryvertising is, so far, a one way street towards consumers.


The key success of tryvertising is that there is no pressure for consumers to buy. Tryvertising allows consumers to not be bombarded with countless advertising and promotional materials, while letting the consumer focuses on enjoying the experiences and interactions with the products and brands. This will result in consumers’ willingness to purchase the products and brands.