Tween Marketing

Hannah Montana
Hannah Montana defines Tween Marketing as “the promotion of products and services to young people between the ages of eight and twelve. This multi-billion dollar segment’s views and attitudes are constantly changing; therefore, any brand targeting tweens must keep up with the ever-changing landscape of tween trends and fads. No longer do tweens simply play with toys; today they also keep an eye on music, fashion, and their individuality.”
The buying power of tweens solely relies on their parent’s income and the tweens influence on their parents. Therefore it is important for companies targeting tweens to understand how attract the tweens to want a product. Marketers have to also focus on getting parents to want to purchase these products for their children.
Tween marketing focuses on two main bases, demographics and psychographics. When looking at demographics marketers focus on the age of the consumer. The ages of a tween are between 8- and 12. You then have to go further and look at their cultural background, different cultures watch and purchase different things. Lastly they must look at the tween’s gender. Boys and girls are into different things and have specific interests.
When looking at the psychographic base of a tween, a marketer must first look at what the tweens are viewing and how they react to that certain broadcast. Many television shows influence the tween’s and parent’s buying behavior. They must also look at the image that the influence is protruding to the tweens. A great example of using psychographic base is Hannah Montana and Miley Cyrus and how they impact the tween’s buying behavior.

Jonas Brothers
Jonas Brothers

The greatest strength of tween marketing is having the ability to persuade the children of these parents, these products are worth every penny that they spend. But a strong weakness that tween marketing faces is going too far with what they are doing. Tween marketing has so much influence with the children that they lose their values.
A great opportunity for tween marketing is that they have the potential to expand their target market by using the tween’s influence on the buying behaviors of the parents. For example the Hannah Montana movie hooked in parents and children alike, making it a family event.
A threat that tween marketing is facing is the economy with the slowing economy parents can no longer afford these different items for their children. The items that tween marketing is used for are non essential for sustaining a living. This makes it harder for a parent to go out and purchase their children let’s say a video game when they are short on cash and can hardly pay for food.
To sum everything thing up Tween marketing is a very effective way to market a product if done well. A marketer must focus mainly on the demographics and psychographics of their target market if they hope to create any R.O.I.