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Twitter is a micro blog type of messaging. I really like it cuz you can keep up to date on your fav things.

HEY here is my blog:

Summary: Twitter - The New Kid on the Block
Chris Beniche
Seminar in Marketing

For my project I have chosen Twitter. Why you ask, because of the interesting possibilities that Twitter brings to the table. In my project I start with some Twitter history at talk about Evan Williams who is one of the brain children behind Twitter. Also in the history the Prya / Google buy will be explained and talked about.

Next up is all the fun stuff about Twitter. Here we will discover where and how Twitter got its name. The best quality about Twitter is who actually uses it. Anyone from celebrities to businesses will be examined and shown how these influencers are helping Twitter. I think the number one question everyone has about Twitter is what it is used for and how do we use it. This section defines when is the time and place for this blogging technology and how it can help you as a person or a business.

If you get down with technical jargon then the section about how Twitter works is the one for you. Twitter has a very unique approach to how Twitter interacts with you. The most interesting is their approach for adaptable technology that you can use with any site!
Next we get into the “meat and potatoes” of Twitter. In the next section Twitter quitters it the topic. The highest trend in Twitter right now is how people are getting bored. Twitter has a user cancelation of a month time span. This is not a good trend and if Twitter doesn’t act fast this could be the demise of Twitter. On the lighter side we will talk about the “over night” success of Twitter and how its innovative ideas have brought a new bat to play with in the field. Twitters success stories will be looked over as well as some personal advice.

Finally we have a section for you Twitter lovers who need their applications. Mac, PC, and mobile applications will be suggested by me and These applications are from a well trusted site that I have personally used for years. There will also be a SWOT analysis where all the pros and cons will be laded out.

The last piece will be the user’s guide. This is everything you need to know to get set up with your own Twitter account. From start to finish this is almost fool proof. My guide also gives you recommendations on how you should make your account, name it, and brand it for you business folks out there.I really hope you enjoy my project. I have put a lot of work into this as well as all the marketing knowledge I could stuff into a project. Twitter is easy but very deep and if you prepare yourself by reading this project, I know you will be an advanced Twitter user in no time.