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Here is a list of Marketing Trends for 2009
Each topic is described in more detail on the linked pages
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Blogging - List of Class Blogs
How do Hispanics make Purchasing Decisions (according to Marketing Profs)? Como Se Dice 'Brand Loyalty'?
Luke Burgmeier - Bodyvertising
Cole - Tween Marketing
Ryan Swessel - Mobile Marketing
Christina Hirsch - Cleanvertising
Ashley Christensen - Sensory Advertising
Erin Hines-Interactive Guerrilla Billboards
marcus Stetzer- 3D advertising
Kirk Kopplin - Gamevertising
Theresa Merx - Shockverting
Alex Stenslien - Eco Marketing
Sean Clarke - Recession Marketing
Lindsay Killilea -Sustainability
May See Moua- SocialNetworks
Chris Beniche - Twitter
Jesse Jones - Webinar
Justin Adams-Multicultural Marketing
Mao Moua- Tryvertising
Kat Tierney- Green Advertising
Whittney Ramsey - shockvertising
Jennifer Ready - personalization
David A Sokolik - Sensory Marketing
Liz Johnston - Social Networking
Eric Gilardi - Geek Pride
Tim Althaus - Viral Marketing
Cody Lisowski: Bodyvertising 101
Dezi Wavra: QR Codes
Lily Fairchild: Pets are People too
Bryce Grams: Mobile Marketing 101
Adam Bozinski: Webinars
Benjamin Sauter: twitter
Drew Eckelberg: Marketing to Hispanics!
james eisermann baby boomers
Amelia Wason- New Billboards
Ansel Ericksen-Ansel's Tryvertising
Morgan Gilles - Virtual Worlds
Ryan Martin - Video Marketing