Viral Advertising

Viral Marketing is defined as “the marketing phenomenon that encourages people to pass along a marketing message”. Viral Marketing depends on a high pass along rate between many people. Viral Marketing derives from the word “virus” which means to spread rapidly. Viral Marketing is also taking on a whole new meaning with social networking sites & YouTube, sites that have limitless amounts of information right at their users’ fingertips. Traditionally, most businesses were relatively secretive about the ad campaigns that they we going to be coming out with. The thing that is so fascinating about viral marketing is that it encompasses almost all forms of marketing. You can find viral marketing campaigns in mobile marketing, social network sites or even mass media TV commercials.

There are many ways that companies today are utilizing and using viral marketing for their marketing purposes. I am a very avid watcher of the show LOST. During each of the commercial breaks during the April 30th, 2009 episode, ABC aired five very short clips that were followed by the text “What Did You See?”. Immediately there was a huge buzz stirring around the internet from LOST fans thinking that these clips were another piece of the pivotal puzzle.

Viral marketing is a trend that is one that seems to have an endless list of strengths. First off, it is based on the traditional word-of-mouth marketing trend. If there is one thing that can be for sure, it’s that positive word-of-mouth is the most powerful weapon that a business can have. People (if you think about it) are customers, and they love to talk to their friends and colleagues about experiences they have had. In an article I read, it mentioned that one quarter of all communications between fellow humans contains discussions about a product or service.

There are also a number of opportunities when it comes to the world of viral marketing
. Mobile marketing in my opinion might be the biggest opportunity that a lot of companies have to spread the viral message. More and more people are constantly getting smart phones and cell phones in general. If people have pretty close to all of the information in the world at their fingertips, why not make your brand accessible.

Look for viral marketing to be making a huge impact in the future of advertising with its low cost, and high affectivity rate with consumers. With technology constantly changing, marketers are always looking for new ways to get the message out to consumers. Viral marketing is a great in-expensive way to the word out about your business.